The Project

CoMModO (Complex Material Modeling Operations) has been a research project with the aim of a systematic combination of methods from Computational Mechanics (especially FEM) with selected Soft Computing techniques (Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Evolutionary Approaches, etc.) as described in section The Solution to set new standards in the prediction of material behavior for the application in advanced light weight design as described in section The Challenge.

The project was funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency ( and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation, and Technology under the initiative "ModSim Computational Mathematics"  within the  program "Research, Innovation and Technology in Information Technology".

The project started in autumn 2009 and lasted for two years. After the successful project finish the research and development is still continued and the results are available in the form of The Services under The Contacts.


In June 2010 CoMModO has been awarded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transportation, Innovation and Technology for the best FIT-IT project in the category "Computational Mathematics".