Service: Material Model Validation, Exploration and Tuning

An analytical material model with values for its parameters is given. Is this material model with its settings (e.g. coming from parameter prediction models) able to fit some given material test data?

Such a material model validation can be done by means of stochastic simulation. Hereby one can find out if a given material model is able to accomplish the desired functional requirements and how the resulting parameters depend on the material model parameters and on each other. This exploration of the flexibility of the model allows to avoid unrealistic goals for a further parameter optimization or, in case of insufficient flexibility, supports the decision to proceed to advanced material modeling techniques.

The figure beside shows an example of an analytical material model that is not able to fit the given material tests. The consequence would be to relax the requirements by reducing the number of load cases or to proceed to the next step of advanced material modeling techniques. Material parameter optimization would not lead to satisfactory solutions in this case, because the given material model is not flexible enough.

If the material model would cover the test results then evolutionary strategies could be one method to find the best fitting material model parameters.

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